Job Seekers


But, most applicants fail at the very beginning. They fail to write a CV or the application letter. The applicants do not adhere to the basics of writing the application kit. In most cases the applicants do not keep track of what they need to write in the documents.

To begin with the applicant must decide the job she or he wants to apply for. It must be decided correctly, because the requirements of the job must match the qualification and experience of the applicant. Next one must have a clear idea what the position you look for and what the company expects out of the job. Though you may not have all the knowledge, yet you can always refer to your senior colleagues or senior students for advice. Last but not least you must have a well written application. It might be a difficult task for a fresher, but for an experienced person it will not be a problem. Before going ahead one must know the difference between a CV and a resume. Though it may seem almost the same, yet they have the dissimilarities as well. A resume is a brief summary of your experience, qualification and achievements arranged in an orderly fashion.

However, a CV will have detailed information of all your experiences, positions and job responsibilities. It will be arranged in a chronological format and will contain all the information in a detailed format. For a fresher a resume is more apt, but for an experienced looking for a specific job position a CV can be used. Again what you decide to use will depend entirely upon you.

The application letter is another important document of the entire process. The purpose of the cover letter is to bridge the gap between your experience and your qualification. It also helps the applicant to give more information about his/her career, objectives and provide clarity wherever required. But do remember to highlight the points you want to clarify. You can also use the letter to emphasize your strong points and what you want attain through the job. Make a conscious effort in your application and give importance to the language and tone of the letter and resume.

The job seekers are usually enthusiastic of applying for a vacancy, but they should not be too typical in their approach. Be original and objective in your opinion and provide clear and valid information of yourself. The overall presentation of your application can earn you the much needed interview. The rest is up to you to clinch at the interview table. For some persons the ability to appear for the interview is a matter of chance. Hence do not let it go waste.