Strategies For Job Seekers


They should rub minds with these people regarded as ‘Junior Staff in that company they want to work; from the security man to the front desk executive. If you can successfully pass through the security man by being his friend, you will eventually meet with the front desk executive who will be willing, after good interaction, to reveal some secrets about the vacant positions and how you can smuggle in your application. Don’t belittle anybody.

o Be on the alert. Always be on the look out for pieces of information concerning job vacancies on the internet and allow none to pass you by.
o Network with other job seekers. Form clubs and name it whatever name you desire. It will be a good forum to meet, share ideas and appraise the level of your various job attempts.
o Examine yourself. Write down those things you have achieved in your life and those you haven’t. Then decide on how you intend to achieve the ones you haven’t and how to improve on the ones already achieved. You will then be able to target the company you want to work for which assist you realize your dreams and further will sharpen your potentials.
o Have a distinct mindset that you have a lot to offer the company which may eventually hire you rather than what you intend to gain. With this, you’ll continually hope for the best.


o Many of them are still on the streets because they are looking for jobs that will pay salaries that are commensurate with their paper qualifications. Get that small job that you think is offering you what you termed “little pay”, it may be your route to securing mouth-watering offers. You never can tell.

I know of a guy in 1986 that read Business Administration and couldn’t hold down a job. I told him to try out a job in a company as a clerk but he won’t be paid as a graduate. And that while on the job he should empower himself with some computer programmes. He compiled. In just three months, the person in charge of Business Administration in the company was seen to be performing below expectation. The guy came as a good replacement. So that one lost his job, he got it.

o Big paper qualifications without a reasonable intelligent Quotient (IQ). Even though they have made first class or second class upper in their disciplines, they haven’t seen the necessity of acquiring other skills like kin computer for example which may be beneficial as they are still hunting for jobs. There will always be a time to put it into use.
o Get your CV or Resume right. There are many job hunters who only parody what others have scribbled in theirs. Don’t claim the skills you have not acquired or else you’ll be apprehensive or unduly anxious even before the call for an interview. It’s just natural since you have claimed what you don’t possess and once you are discovered, no hesitation before you re fired.

A job seeker once sent her CV to me claiming she could work without supervision and can effectively use CorelDraw. I only told her to use Microsoft word and she replied me that it’s long she had used the computer to type. Can you imagine that!


Either a CV or resume is good unless the company specifies. They are both a summary of you only that the later is more detailed. State everything from birth. If you have an eye problem or any other problem include it. You know what, either you hide it or not, it will be discovered later. By revealing your health problems, the company will not only appreciate your honesty but also know how best to take care of you. You may say some companies won’t want to employ you because you reveal them. Never mind, there are many out there who will encourage your honesty. Don’t include it that you were a failure somewhere. If you are called for interview and questions bordered on it, you can then explain it intelligently.

An applicant that has a very good mindset to deliver. One who genuinely has something to add and give in return; one with an empowered mind. One thing you must know is that there is no reason a company will be willing to engage your services if you don’t have anything to really offer. It is for this obvious reason that you must have that edge which makes you the person that company must hire.